[Standards-JIG] FW: Jingle - P2P and PBX calls

Simon simon at nureality.ca
Thu Jan 5 03:07:30 UTC 2006

All good points. I'm just not sure what the answers are.

What about text messaging? I would think text messages to a PSTN number 
would be better suited over chat than DTMF tones.

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> Simon Guindon wrote:
>> Right. I think we need a more flexible manner than simply gateway
>> handling chat msgs and converting them to DTMF though. I think perhaps
>> an addition to one of the Jingle specs (whichever one it would fall
>> into, be it Jingle or Jingle Audio) would be cleaner.
> What could be cleaner than NOT adding new protocol? With what you had in 
> mind the same information was communicated but in a new element. Since 
> DTMF would only be used w/ entity to computer communication, I don't think 
> there's a need to use something other than a message body since it 
> wouldn't interfere with an actual chat.
>> Can Jingle support multiple lines? For example in Asterisk I believe I
>> can have 3 lines associated with my account and I can be in one call,
>> put them on hold and pickup another call.
> There's nothing in Jingle saying that you can have only one call going on 
> at a time. You could also have a Jingle bot that takes calls from N 
> people, mixes everything together, and sends it back out. Think party line 
> bot.
> So your client could let you talk to has many people as you want. I would 
> imagine that the RTP socket would go silent as you switched between 
> people. I'd have to check to see if Jingle specifies a hold signal.
> Looking at Jingle, there doesn't seem to be an explicit hold/suspend 
> state. Could someone mention why there isn't one? Tearing down a Jingle 
> session and starting a new one seems rather dirty to me, or was the plan 
> to transfer to some music playing service?
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