[Standards-JIG] FW: Jingle - P2P and PBX calls

Scott Ludwig scottlu at google.com
Thu Jan 5 07:02:53 UTC 2006

> So your client could let you talk to has many people as you want. I
> would imagine that the RTP socket would go silent as you switched
> between people. I'd have to check to see if Jingle specifies a hold signal.
> Looking at Jingle, there doesn't seem to be an explicit hold/suspend
> state. Could someone mention why there isn't one? Tearing down a Jingle
> session and starting a new one seems rather dirty to me, or was the plan
> to transfer to some music playing service?

You can choose to listen / send to any jingle-audio session your
client is participating in. Switching is a client concept - you just
switch to another session. When you switch from A to B for example,
you're not sending audio to A any more (instead to B) - however the
session to A is still live and active, you are just listening /
sending RTP to B. You can switch back and forth this way.

However nothing prevents A from sending to you, since the session is
still active. Even though you aren't processing the RTP from A it
would still eat some bandwidth. Is that what you are suggesting, that
hold / suspending signaling could help save incoming RTP bandwidth?
That would be useful. It would be done with a jingle-audio INFO

The other comments about DTMF floating in this thread - it will get
added to jingle-audio. We're planning to add it as a jingle INFO
message. By sending it this way, it is associated with the right
session context.


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