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Simon Guindon simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca
Thu Jan 5 18:30:05 UTC 2006


About JEP-55. This would require the XMPP server to specifically store
values that we require, which most would not I assume. Since it is the
server responding to the search and not the Jingle gateway.

For example if a IAX gateway speaks Jingle, so iax.server.com then the
IAX server is the one that knows what their phone # is, not XMPP server.

Would the proper method to be searching the main server or would it be
better to search using the same JEP but the destination JID be
iax.server.com instead of server.com?

When you say the server will communicate with the PBX to gather this
information. How does that work? Does that mean for example jabberd's
code has to be altered internally in addition of a gateway?

I think the ideal situation is if someone writes an IAX or Asterisk or
SIP gateway for Jingle, all you require is install it, and not
modifications to specific XMPP servers on top of that.

Or am I missing something?

Also about "411" or "yellow/white pages" service. What about things
which are not users, such as voicemail or emergency services etc?


Simon Guindon
Tomahawk Technologies Inc.
simon.guindon at tomahawk.ca

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I suppose that by 411 service you mean 'white pages/yellow pages'
Well, most XMPP servers provide a JEP-55 user profile search facility.
requirement would be more an implementation matter than a protocol
If the XMPP server has access to the proper information store, finding
phone number for a particular user is already built in.

XMPP clients are able to query a server for available service using
discovery mechanism. Once again, rather than a JEP you need a
for the additional service types.

If you want to specify alternate addresses where a particular client can
reached, then JEP-152 provides the answer. You would be able to embbed
number or SIP uri in an XMPP presence payload.

All this can be done outside Jingle. It would be a server implementation
matter to retrieve the requested information, not a client one. If the
server needs to interact with a PBX to retrieve this information, it
use adequate mechanisms, and make the result available to the client
the above mentioned mechanisms. From a client perspective, this will be
entirely transparent. Even legacy text only client could access the
information. Jingle would only be used to eventually place a call once
phone information is available.

The advantage is leveraging existing client protocol support, and
the hard work to the server.

Hope it helps


P.S. The above does not address sending commands to a PBX ;)

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Thanks for jumping in! ;)

I think it is important to get people from all aspects to help
understand what we need.

Later on in the discussions I was going to propose or ask if there is
the need of a 411 like JEP, or if a JEP already exists that we can use
for such services. Although it will need to be more than what 411 does,
but it is just an example.

The reason being is this:

- Client needs to figure out if it has a phone # to be reached at.
(Incase you want to give this out to PSTN people)

- Client needs to know which services exist, and how to reach them.
(what # do we call for voicemail, what # do we call for operator, what
number for emergency services?)

- Client needs to know what its voicemail box is incase the voicemail
navigation prompts you to log in.

Such a JEP could perhaps be used for 411 like usage searching as well.
Such as what is Romeo's number? Or what is Romeo's number in California.
My initial thoughts were, could Discovery JEP be used for this?


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