[Standards-JIG] new <remember/> element for Data Forms

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 13:33:53 UTC 2006

Hi Pete,

> > A real world implementation need prompted me to think that JEP-0004 
> > might be usefully extended with a new <remember/> element. 
> > This would 
> > facilitate the automatic inclusion of an *extra* checkbox at the 
> > bottom of a form dialog with a label like: 'Remember this 
> > Username and 
> > Password the next time I have to fill in this form'.
> But couldn't that just be done with a boolean field anyway? 

No because, as things stand, the client wouldn't know that the boolean
field had a different function. Even if a special value of the 'var'
attribute was defined that flagged the special purpose of the boolean
field (yuk), then the client still wouldn't know which fields should be

> Although I can see that remembering values could be a very
> common feature, and <remember> would definitely simplify that.

Yes. :-)

- Ian

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