[Standards-JIG] new <remember/> element for Data Forms

Pete Birkinshaw pete at binary-ape.org
Sun Jan 8 22:52:53 UTC 2006

Ian Paterson wrote:
>>But couldn't that just be done with a boolean field anyway? 
> No because, as things stand, the client wouldn't know that the boolean
> field had a different function. Even if a special value of the 'var'
> attribute was defined that flagged the special purpose of the boolean
> field (yuk), then the client still wouldn't know which fields should be
> saved.

Ah, now I understand. I'd assumed that the remembering was going to be 
done by the server or component, which could be done with a normal 
boolean field.

Could this feature just be added to the client code itself, outside the 
form (the same way Firefox remembers form details) to work with all forms?

Whatever way it's implemented, it's definitely a good idea.


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