[Standards-JIG] new <remember/> element for Data Forms

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 12:13:10 UTC 2006

Joe wrote:
> Pete wrote:
> > Could this feature just be added to the client code itself, 
> > outside the form (the same way Firefox remembers form
> > details) to work with all forms?
> Yes, it seems like clients could implement this without any protocol  
> changes.  Basically, you could do the same thing that a web browser  
> does when it auto-fills HTML forms.  Use the JEP-68 field names in  
> combination with the JID/node of the target to uniquely identify the  
> fields.  Make sure NOT to save hidden fields...

Yes the client could already do this for *all* (non-hidden) fields. But
auto-filling is just not appropriate for many fields. The point of the
proposed protocol is that it enables the creator of the form to give the
client hints as to *which fields* could be usefully auto-filled.

For example, username and password are almost always the same, but many
other fields in the same form might be different every time.

HTML browsers (including both Firefox and IE) support the AUTOCOMPLETE
(on/off) attribute for INPUT fields.

Pete wrote:
> Ah, now I understand. I'd assumed that the remembering was 
> going to be done by the server or component, which could
> be done with a normal boolean field.

Yes. Whether this should be implemented server-side or client-side is an
interesting question. The 'simple clients' argument is in favor of doing
it all server-side. However, it will sometimes be impractical for server
implementations to maintain state for all the users of a service.

IMHO, the arguments for both techniques are valid. So we should give the
choice to the server implementors and administrators.

> Whatever way it's implemented, it's definitely a good idea.

Yes, this protocol suggestion was triggered by a real-world client
feature request.

- Ian

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