[Standards-JIG] What does 'Draft' status mean?

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Tue Jan 10 21:42:20 UTC 2006

I have a question about the motivation behind changing pubsub. 
In early to mid 2005, I suggested a number of changes to pubsub, some minor, some major. I was slapped down at the time with:
[PGM - Wed, 23 Feb 2005]
> These kinds of changes should be done BEFORE the draft status is
> reached. Draft status tells implementors that stuff should not really
> change that much. There are probably more implementations of pubsub
> than you realize.
... and that conversation degenerated into "It's too late to make changes to this JEP. Implement it as is." Which I did.
Now, nearly a year later, (and after implementing the existing JEP 60), I see:
> This is a major revision, just about every line in the spec has been
> touched, and the changelog is long
Now, the changes to pubsub look great. I'm not looking to debate the changes. In fact, quite the opposite - I love that the JEP is being updated.
What I want to know is what changed between then and now? More time has passed. There is at least one more working implementation [mine]. It seems as if the argument that PGM put forth would be even more true now than before. 
Specifically, what policies should we have with regards to Draft status moving forward? Is the current PubSub JEP (which is draft, but obviously now in flux) in a state such that I should rebusmit the the various suggestions I made last year?
Chris Mullins

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