[Standards-JIG] PubSub leased subscriptions

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Sat Jan 14 07:32:20 UTC 2006

Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:
> While we are revising the jep-60, I would like to get the experts answer on
> lease based subscriptions. There is a mention of optional
> leased-subscription support that can be implemented by a pubsub service. The
> way to specify a lease time is quickly described in 12.12.
> What would be the correct way to notify the subscription lease's expiration?
> I suppose that according to the JEP we would send a notification <message>
> with probably the last known published state, but how would we declare the
> fact that the subscription has actually expired? What construct would we
> use?

This isn't really an answer to Jean-Louis's question, but are pub/sub 
nodes presencable? Yeah, I made up a word :-) so I'll define it, do 
nodes send presence stanzas? Such that when I send a presence to a 
pub/sub service, I get a presence stanza with my subscriptions? That 
might kill a couple birds with one stanza.

- Nolan

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