[Standards-JIG] JEP-0136: Message Archiving

Tomasz Sterna tomasz.sterna at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 01:36:04 UTC 2006

2006/1/18, Michael Long <Michael.Long at cornerstone.net>:
> I don't quite follow the above comment. Which aspect of the standard/
> suggestions does that comment apply?

There are AFAIR two concerns with server autoarchive:
1. Privacy issues.
2. Archiving e2e encrypted messages.

Solution 1:
Provide server with a public key for use when archiving.
Only private key holder can read messages retrieved from archive.

Solution 2:
Store e2e decryption key along with the conversation.
Client can encrypt the key-storing message with a public key (solution
1) before storing in archive, to protect the decryption key itself.


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