[Standards-JIG] Extending SMTP with XMPP?

Pete Birkinshaw pete at binary-ape.org
Sun Jan 22 12:46:43 UTC 2006

bernhard wrote:
> To make a soft switch from SMTP to XMPP the first step may look like
> following:
> o use existing Spam-Filter of email system
> o connect with IMAP to the mail system
> o convert IMAP to XMPP if from-address is in roster
> o read the spam in old email client
> Problemes:
> o IMAP has to be polled.
> o Spam Filter may support whitelisting of email addresses but it is not
> easy to combine this with roster

I like that - it's a different aspect of email to the one I was
considering, but it would be useful, and not too hard to implement either.

> Problem with:
> X-XMPP-Identity: binaryape at jabber.org
> If you add this header it is not clear if the reply should go to XMPP or
> Think about this:
> X-XMPP-Identity: binaryape at jabber.org
> reply-to: myemail at mail.com
> where should the answer go? To xmpp or smtp?

I was thinking that the choice would be for the recipient and manual,
rather than automatic. But automatic replies via XMPP could be
determined by looking up the user's Jabber profile, where a field could
hold a list of preferred communication methods, or a Disco node that
declares the sender would prefer Jabber messages. If it's possible to
reliably link an email message with a Jabber account, then all the other
information can be got via Jabber.



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