[Standards-JIG] imap 2 xmpp

bernhard bz at datenkueche.com
Sun Jan 22 19:22:36 UTC 2006

A html mail message should be converted to something like jep-0071:

  <body>OMG, I'm green with envy!</body>
  <html xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/xhtml-im'>
    <body xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml'>
      <p style='font-size:large'>
        <span style='font-style: italic'>OMG</span>, 
        I'm <span style='color:green'>green</span>
        with <span style='font-weight: bold'>envy</span>!

In Email this would be a mime message with 2 parts (text and html)
HTML in normal mails will be around for the next years.
But to put (non XML) html to jabber is not a good idea. 
To convert it on the server side is easy using the libxml html2xhtml converter (works very well)
or "tidy".


Hal Rottenberg wrote:
> On 1/22/06, bernhard <bz at datenkueche.com> wrote:
>> 1.) Email messages are MIME based XMPP messages are xml based
>> First of all, the email-messages must be converted to XML.
>> It makes not much sense to base64 encode mime messages an put the base64
>> into
>> <message type="badidea">base64 </message>
>> HTML must be converted to XHTML and Javascript should not be allowed in
>> Mails.
>> All XML and text data must be readable directly - they must not be
>> base64 encoded.
>> No MIME in Jabber!
>> If there is no text only version of the email, a html-mail must be
>> converted to text as an option for the client.
>> There may be a mechanism to handle binary data - but that's not the
>> first goal.
>> A text only email can be converted very easy to a jabber message.
>> The only pitfall is the encoding.
> Problem with this is that you are tossing the existing RFCs out the
> window and starting over.  That will make adoption pretty difficult,
> wouldn't it?

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