[Standards-JIG] A jep for the Games

Andrew Plotkin erkyrath at eblong.com
Sun Jan 22 20:31:49 UTC 2006

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006, Nikos Kouremenos wrote:

> there is Tkabber that does games but I don't know how they do it and
> sadly no JEP.

> there are also other nice features (there is Cocinella which does
> whiteboard) ad still no JEP from that. (I know Peter planned to do
> some job but I guess he got busy with other JEPs)

> about games there is also http://www.volity.org/ which also uses XMPP
> but no JEP

Hi. I'm one of the people working on Volity.

We don't have a JEP because we're making use of existing Jabber 
mechanisms, not creating a new one. (We use standard MUCs for table chat, 
Jabber-RPC for game moves, entity capabilities for client 
identification...) We're also using a bunch of other technologies in our 
game client (SVG graphics, etc.)

I'd be happy to answer questions about the protocol. We have a pretty 
solid implementation now -- you can write games and play them. Our idea is 
to have a universal game client, but it would also be possible to write a 
client for a single game (chess) and still have it based on our protocol.


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