[Standards-JIG] jabber and webservices

bernhard bz at datenkueche.com
Mon Jan 23 15:37:13 UTC 2006

Hi, thanks for the answer
>> Is there a transport to http in jabber?
> If I understand correctly, you want some kind of software transport to 
> translate SOAP over XMPP (JEP-0072) calls into SOAP over HTTP.
It should be more like XML over XMPP to XML over HTTP.
HTTP is a synconous Protocol. XMPP is ansynconous.

Webservices are not limited to SOAP. SOAP is a really bad protocol. It's 

<translate from="englich" to="german">hi</translate>

The service must not be limited to SOAP - SOAP makes no sense.
> Such a transport might not be too hard to write, but the discussion is 
> probably for the jdev list, not standards-jig.
The problem is the "to" attribute.
<message to="http://webservicesx.net/translate.xyz">


Maybe it's a better idea to do it like a "normal" transport to ICQ, AIM,....
<message to="translator at mymashine.com">


And do the jabber-id to http-url mapping server side.
I have no experience in addressing and I don't know normal transports 
very well.
But maybe someone likes this idea and helps me to make a jep.


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