[Standards-JIG] A jep for the Games

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Tue Jan 24 22:39:37 UTC 2006

Trejkaz wrote:

>>I would also add "Currently playing ..." to that list. This need not be
>>restricted to just games, "Currently using ..."
>I think we have something like that in JEP-0108 already, it just needs 
>(side-track... if you're a professional gamer, does gaming go under relaxing 
>or working?  likewise for coding for fun...)
Continuing on the side track: Wouldn't something like <relaxing/> be 
done better as a text node or attribute? Otherwise I can think of a 
number of activities that probably aren't mentioned in 0108. At the 
least, <other/>, could include something more descriptive.

>We also have games which might not be running on the computer.  For instance, 
>if I'm playing an online game on my DS, I might want to tell people on my 
>list that I'm online in a certain so that they know they can fire up and join 
>my game.  In this situation we don't even need a protocol, just some way to 
>say that I'm in so-and-so game.
So we just need to communicate: I'm playing this {game} on {this system} 
{on this server}? The brackets would be candidates for an element.

>Well, if we did use UUIDs there wouldn't be a conflict by definition, but it 
>wouldn't be a very readable identifier anyway.  You're doomed to set up some 
>kind of registry already, in order to specify the particular protocol of each 
>game... might as well store the URIs of the games in the same location.
Genius. URIs would be perfect. There could actually be something useful 
like an XML file with some info (title, download URI, publisher, etc.) 
at that location or it may just be the game's site. Either way, it would 
definitely beat something centralized.

- Nolan

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