[Standards-JIG] anonymous login

Stefan Strigler steve at zeank.in-berlin.de
Tue Jan 24 10:12:47 UTC 2006

Am Dienstag, den 24.01.2006, 11:02 +0100 schrieb Alexander Gnauck:

> i implemented SASL anonymous which i tested only with wildfire yet. I 
> found no other public server with anonymous login enabled. Perhaps 
> somebody could point me to one.

There's an unofficial patch to ejabberd which can be found at 

I've been hacking on jsjac to make it work with this patch. Don't know
if it works with wildfire server too...

> During the resource binding Jive assigns a JID in the format 
> server/resource. Where the resource is some unique id. The node part is 
> missing. This JID makes problems with some components and transports. I 
> assume they expect for a user jid always a JID which contains a 
> node/username part.

If I remember right the patch for ejabberd assigns a temporary nodename
too, but I might be wrong at this point.

Cheers, Steve

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