[Standards-JIG] JEP-0113 Question

laukner at web.de laukner at web.de
Thu Jan 26 07:55:15 UTC 2006

For the same reason (no SVG available) we have been developed a JEP which is based on work that was done by Sunir Shah (sunir.shah AT bitflash DOT com, sunir AT jabber DOT org, sunir.org/meatball/JabberWhiteboard/report.doc ). 

The data that travel inside of the ACTIONs may vary (GML, KML, KMZ) as long as there is an XML Schema (XSD or RelaxNG that can be used by XMLBeans to create some Java classes). We used a subset of SVG data.
The following ACTIONs are described in the JEP draft:

- Create
- Update
- Delete
- Select
- Unselect and
- Synchronize

We use it in combination with a drawing tool.
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