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Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
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On 7/26/06, Chris Mullins <chris.mullins at coversant.net> wrote:
> To further complicate the issue, it seems many DNS provider are unable
> (or unwilling) to setup and configure SRV records. Telling a customer
> "just switch DNS Providers" never goes over very well.

I've seen this myself in the enterprise IT outsourcing business.  The
Unix side of the house in my experience for some reason is not keen on
fiddling with SRV.  Bind has supported it for years, but DNS is just
one of those things you don't touch I guess.

And on my side of the house (Windows), it's ostensibly not a big deal
because AD uses SRV records, aka Dynamic DNS, extensively.  Yet
paradoxically, you don't typically see as much DNS experience in
Windows sysadmins because DNS management has only relatively recently
been a core piece of the environment.  WINS used to be the name
server, and when DNS was really needed, it usually ran on a Unix box
anyway.  (And we bitched whenever we had to talk to the Unix admin to
change a stupid flat file.  Neanderthals!  :D )

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