[Standards-JIG] Re: Closing idle streams (server comparison chart)

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Thu Jun 1 15:07:34 UTC 2006

Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:
> Don't be shy Phillip. Are you ashamed of posting to the list? 

No, I just dont think that the problem is relevant for the list.

> Or do you keep your 'goodadvice' to Carlo alone?

If you want that feel free to visit http://goodadvice.pages.de

> 2/ From your message, your log only shows the authoritative server part
> (steps 5 to 8 of RFC3920 8.3) of a dialback handshake. You said "I tried to
> do a version request from hancke.name to im.antepo.com". So you must have
> sent a dialback key <db:result to='im.antepo.com'
> from='hanke.name'>98AF014EDC0...</db:result> on the first stream, right? 

Correct, though hostnames and the actual key were different from your 
example. Do you urgently need the log for that?

> Now from your SRV record, the authoritative server for the "asserted XMPP
> domain" hanke.name is ve.symlynx.com, right? 

No. The problem was that the SRV record contained a CNAME.
Looks like your resolver library chooses to ignore that record
therefore. Not everyone does that. Should I file bug reports to
jabberd and ejabberd for not ignoring it?

For the record: yes, you're acting correct. I am going to blame my
DNS admin for violating RFC 2782. Well... not everyone adheres to
every RFC... some people choose to ignore RFC 1855.

 > So it is correct that the
> receiving server (im.antepo.com) connects back to ve.symlynx.com, right? 

If you ignore that record... yes.

> After establishing the streams, the receiving server (im.antepo.com) sends
> the authoritative server (ve.symlynx.com) a request for verification of a
> key for the seerted domain <db:verify to="hancke.name" from="im.antepo.com"
> id="i6hiqapy91">6b13c3.... </db:verify>. Am I missing something? 

Well... if you were using stream:to your stream would have been rejected
right away. hancke.name is not hosted on ve.symlynx.com.

> At this point, according to RFC3920 8.3.9 the authoritative server
> (ve.symlynx.com) is supposed to verify the validity of the key, right? And
 > that is performed by returning either a <db:verify ... type='valid' or
 > <db:verify ... type='invalid', am I reading the spec correctly?
> Can you then explain why the authoritative server (ve.symlynx.com) generates
> a <stream:error> instead?

XMPP-Core 8.3 Step 4:
| If the value of the 'to' address does not match a hostname recognized
| by the Receiving Server, then the Receiving Server MUST generate a
| <host-unknown/> stream error condition and terminate both the XML
| stream and the underlying TCP connection.

've.symlynx.com' does not recognize 'hancke.name'.

Thanks for a nice bug-fixing session! Apologies to the list for


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