[Standards-JIG] Closing idle streams

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Jun 1 22:10:39 UTC 2006

On Thu Jun  1 19:59:22 2006, Carlo v. Loesch wrote:
> Closing an idle stream instead is one of the most normal things to
> happen in an S2S situation, so I find it very logical to simply just
> handshake-close the stream. Why should you need to explain something
> to the other side, idleness is the only reason why somebody would do
> that - especially if recommended in a BP.
No, it could be server shutdown, or a policy decision never to talk 
to that server again, or...

I don't think there's any benefit in eliding the error, and I don't 
think there's ever a good argument for using implicit errors. If 
you're explicit, then even a bad implementation knows what's going on.

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