[Standards-JIG] Closing idle streams

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Jun 1 22:44:25 UTC 2006

On Thu Jun  1 20:48:03 2006, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Matthew A. Miller wrote:
> > However, I can also see (in the idle connection case) that the 
> stream is
> > merely ended, without any error.  To me, this does not really 
> seem to be
> > an error condition, per se, but the matching of some policy 
> condition
> > (note I did not say "policy violation").  In which case, you 
> should be
> > waiting for the other </stream:stream>.
> > 
> Aha, that reasoning makes sense to me -- in a sense, there is no 
> active
> error condition, just a kind of passive reason to drop the stream.

Well, I think it's worth specifying a reason for the stream closure. 
If you accept that, then you have to consider what mechanism to use 
to provide that reason, and the only available mechanism - without 
defining some new stanza - is a stream error.

The fact that stream errors also happen to mandate subsequent closure 
of the stream actually works in our favour, because it makes the 
whole thing nicely backwards compatible. Partly because - in as much 
as I can tell - it's actually how things work now in many cases.

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