[Standards-JIG] Re: expiring JEPs

Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Wed Jun 7 01:03:36 UTC 2006

>> I still waffle as to whether I should beef it up a tad to include the
>> functionality to choose "include these" or "exclude these".  Instead
>> it being only exclude.
> 'Including' will probably be difficult to implement if you want to
> reassure backwards compatibility.

I agree that it would be more difficult to implement, but why would  
it hurt backwards compatibility?  Assuming that the JEP specifies  
that you have to be prepared for the filter command to be ignored  
(and hence, you get back all of the fields instead of just the ones  
you asked for), what does it hurt?

>> What's required to 'keep it going'?  Or do you all feel it's not
>> worth keeping around?
> Well, my trigger to make the Wildfire patch was because someone  
> explicitly
> asked for that functionality. vCards will disappear eventually, but  
> i don't
> see a problem with a JEP that improves its current usage, especially
> considering there are a lot of vCard-based avatar implementations  
> out there
> (which is why this JEP was brought to life i believe).

I still don't really see what's so bad about vcards.  ;D  I mean I  
don't agree that they should have been used for avatars, but just  
strictly as a way of asking for a "business card" of a person, which  
is kinda the point of a vcard in the first place isn't it?  (i'm not  
convinced that's a complete sentence  lol)

Either way, I don't suppose you ever got a reponse from the person ..  
followup.. whatever.. as to if they actually made use of your mods?


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