[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Address lists

Michal vorner Vaner michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Wed Jun 7 17:48:31 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jun 07, 2006 at 07:04:26PM +0200, Carlo v. Loesch wrote:
> JEP Editor typeth:
> | Abstract: This document specifies extension to Extended Stanza Addressing to create and reuse lists of addresses.
> | 
> | URL: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/inbox/address-lists.html
> Hmm... now this is yet another approach.
> A JEP that provides for both top-down lists as for "auto" lists,
> but doesn't address how to apply to MUC and Presence yet.

Yes, and I wanted to add them later as some auto-lists. An auto-list
could be for the presence for example.

And, how to apply to MUC? It is simple, isn't it? MUC can create a list
with first person entering. Sends, sends. Someone comes and it just adds
a person to the list. Someone leaves, it removes the person. I guess it
is obvious how to use this.

Maybe I could add that a MUC, or whatever, should use local multicast
service and that service could divide the lists and distribute them to
remote multicast services.

> The top-down approach may be a little SPIM-prone, as the receivers
> aren't given many ways to protect themselves.

Why? Is it in any way different from using just the multicast component?
Or in receiving it directly?

Actually, there is protection, privacy lists.

> I'd like to be able to negotiate support for only one of the
> two list types, as in top-down without auto or auto without top-down.

Well, I guess the auto-lists do not make too much sense alone. If you
have an auto-list, for example for the presence, you need the
possibility to change the list on the fly according to the privacy lists
and so.

And, if I defined the auto-lists in an separate JEP, they would depend
on this JEP as well. And, you of course can have a support for auto
lists, but do not provide any. Therefore, you have no more work than
with the normal lists and you have some negotiation less.

Or do you really think I should move the auto lists to another one, even
if they are nearly the same as the normal lists?


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Michal "vorner" Vaner
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