[Standards-JIG] Unique room names for JEP-45

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Sat Jun 17 00:26:23 UTC 2006

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Robert B Quattlebaum, Jr. wrote:
> On Jun 16, 2006, at 11:44 AM, Remko Troncon wrote:
>> JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat) describes the possibility of creating
>> one-to-one chats into multi-user-chats, a feature present in most of
>> today's IM protocols. However, to be able to do this, you need to be
>> able to find a unique room name to create a new room, which is pretty
>> complex to construct from the client.
> Not necessarily. If you used some sort of GUID, then you can avoid a
> trail and error mechanism---as a collision would be so unlikely it would
> be effectively impossible.

But still, for some reason operating systems provide you functions to
get a unique name for a temp file.

And now, I just thought that your random generated name could be
rejected by MUC service, because - for example - it may be too long.
So I guess it's not a bad idea to have MUC generate a unique name for you.

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