[Standards-JIG] Re: User Activity and PEP

Mircea Bardac dev.list at mircea.bardac.net
Sat Jun 17 12:00:27 UTC 2006

On Saturday 17 June 2006 12:07, Magnus Henoch wrote:
>  One way to do that would be to hack your
> server's Disco Publishing so that it returns different results
> depending on who asks (e.g. "public-activity" and "private-activity"),
> and then publish your activity to those two nodes.

Well, that scenario could easily be applied to any information published using 
PEP (avatars, tune etc.) but I think it's a bit extreme...

You need to know who's public and who's private... and the privacy discusssion 
starts all over again. If that information is so important maybe it shouldn't 
be published at all.


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