[Standards-JIG] Unique room names for JEP-45

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Mon Jun 19 22:03:25 UTC 2006

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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> The list consensus seems to be that this is nice but not necessary.
> Perhaps it would be helpful to describe a recommended algorithm for
> clients to use in creating room JIDs that won't collide? I have no
> fundamental objections to asking the service for a room JID, but right
> now it doesn't seem necessary to define a wire protocol for it (since
> clients have everything they need to create a unique room JID).

Straight forward and simple way: a true UUID. I think it's a version 1
UUID you want. The one that takes into account your IP address and the
current time. That type of UUID would be more effective than the other
variants out there such as completely random.

An alternative specific to converting a 1to1 chat to MUC: room_name =
Hash(romeos_jid + juliets_jid + some_salt)

I'll leave Hash open since it probably doesn't need to be mandated. The
two JIDs are for the people who are chatting one-on-one, and the salt is
just a random string.

I will state that Remko's suggestion seems familiar. There's something
nice to be able to say to a service: just make me a room, I don't care
about the name or config.

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