[Standards-JIG] User-Pictures in Jabber

Andreas Pietzowski jabber.org at pietzowski.de
Tue Jun 20 07:31:36 UTC 2006

Hello guys,

my friends all love to see their pictures in their IMs like everybody 
knows from ICQ and MSN and maybe others. It's very hard to persuade 
them to use a jabber client or a multi-protocol client because jabber 
lacks this feature.

Is there any progress in exchanging pictures with a jabber account? My 
idea is maybe a MIME-encoded PNG-image enclosed in the 
user-information-XML-data. To prevent the network from too much 
traffic the image dimensions should not exceed e.g. 150x150 pixels.

What do you think? It's really a funny feature of IMs if you can see a 
weekly new picture of your friends.

Have a nice day and sunny greetings from Augsburg, Germany

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