[Standards-JIG] Re: User-Pictures in Jabber

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Jun 20 08:32:27 UTC 2006


> my friends all love to see their pictures in their IMs like everybody 
> knows from ICQ and MSN and maybe others. It's very hard to persuade 
> them to use a jabber client or a multi-protocol client because jabber 
> lacks this feature.

Although the 'official' protocol is not finished yet, many jabber clients 
support this feature already (using a more 'ad-hoc' protocol (JEP-153)). I'm
thinking of clients such as Google Talk, iChat, and many other clients.

FYI: The work on the official protocol (JEP-84) has just restarted, and should
be finished 'soon'.


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