[Standards-JIG] User-Pictures in Jabber

Thomas Charron twaffle at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 18:34:42 UTC 2006

  Isn't this done by clients utilizing the picture stored in the user
information within the JUD currently?


On 6/20/06, Andreas Pietzowski <jabber.org at pietzowski.de> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> my friends all love to see their pictures in their IMs like everybody
> knows from ICQ and MSN and maybe others. It's very hard to persuade
> them to use a jabber client or a multi-protocol client because jabber
> lacks this feature.
> Is there any progress in exchanging pictures with a jabber account? My
> idea is maybe a MIME-encoded PNG-image enclosed in the
> user-information-XML-data. To prevent the network from too much
> traffic the image dimensions should not exceed e.g. 150x150 pixels.
> What do you think? It's really a funny feature of IMs if you can see a
> weekly new picture of your friends.
> Have a nice day and sunny greetings from Augsburg, Germany
> Andreas
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