[Standards-JIG] User-Pictures in Jabber

Andreas Pietzowski jabber.org at pietzowski.de
Thu Jun 22 18:53:45 UTC 2006


> Someone already pointed you to the spec:
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0153.html

Yes, but this was after my first post. I didn't re-heat this thread ;) The 
problem was that I had to start somewhere with my question. Sorry that it was 
your mailinglist. Now I know that kopete can handle pics since version 0.12.

But a newbe has really no chance to know what is maybe a lack of features from 
a client or what is really not implemented yet in the protocol and the 
clients have no chance then.

Got my point? *g*

Have a nice day and keep on your good work on all that. Jabber has to get more 
popular and I try my very best in my friendship :)


float o=0.075,h=1.5,T,r,O,l,I;int _,L=80,s=3200;
main(){for(;s%L||(h-=o,T= -2),s;4 -(r=O*O)<(l=I*I)|
++ _==L&&write(1,(--s%L?_<L?--_%6:6:7)+"World! \n"
,1)&&(O=I=l=_=r=0,T+=o /2))O=I*2*O+h,I=l+T-r;}

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