[Standards-JIG] S2S Stanza-Multicasting. Was MUC/pubsub multicasting using JEP-0033. Was:MUC traffic issues

Oleg Motienko motienko at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 20:09:04 UTC 2006


Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> If we want to see huge XMPP servers then we need a intelligent
> broadcasting for all "one -> many protocols" (now MUC and Pubsub) and
> s2s. More bandwith, and bigger servers are *no* solution here if we
> can reduce the traffic 1000% and more with a small protocol extension
> for broadcasting.

Multicasting/broadcasting also needed for implementing XMPP S2S for
IRC networks and user-transparent migrating IRC->XMPP MUC.


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