[Standards-JIG] message types

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Tue Jun 27 21:53:43 UTC 2006

As we all know we have three message types:
- plain message (no type attribute)
- chat message
- headline message

My question is, are they anything usefull today or are just a plain
legacy from Jabber times?
Are we going to do something usefull with it?
Is the distinction beetween normal/chat message needed?
Normal messages were meant as an e-mail like. But since almost all
message exchange today is IM, flagging all of them type="chat" is
plain waste of bandwidth.
If wee stick with the e-mail laike type, more problems arises. If I
would like to connect to my XMPP server and fetch all normal messages
with an MUA-like app using JEP-0013, I have no way of getting normal
messages only and leaving chats and headlines for later retrieval by
IM-app or RSS-reader.
Headline message with just subject and body is at least restricted. It
should be more like an ATOM item. But then, is there a reason of
flagging it headline when you can see that's an ATOM item there
already? And again - without JEP-0013 support it's not much usefull.


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