[Standards-JIG] Peer to peer communication with IPv6

stlman stlman at poczta.fm
Wed Jun 28 22:05:08 UTC 2006


I have read a few JEPs (65, 176, 177) which describe some
forms of p2p communication. JEP-0177 and JEP-0065 define
"IP address" as dotted decimal which means IPv4 only.

Because IMHO p2p will leverage IPv6 most I would like to
ask: why only JEP-0176 permit IPv6 to be used? Are these
JEPs going to be updated one day? When?

Today it is very easy to get IPv6 connectivity with such
mechanisms like 6to4 or Teredo. They are the easiest way
to bypass any NAT today with quite little effort.

Best regards,

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