[Standards-JIG] Peer to peer communication with IPv6

Lukasz Stelmach stlman at poczta.fm
Wed Jun 28 22:58:58 UTC 2006

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> stlman wrote:
>>> Greetings.
>>> I have read a few JEPs (65, 176, 177) which describe some
>>> forms of p2p communication. JEP-0177 and JEP-0065 define
>>> "IP address" as dotted decimal which means IPv4 only.
> JEP-0065 explicitly mentions that SOCKS5 is IPv6-ready and does not
> define "IP address" as v4 or v6. Just because the examples show IPv4
> addresses does not mean that IPv6 addresses are not allowed. The same
> goes for JEP-0177.

I am afraid there is more than just examples. Let me show you:

  6 Formal Description
  6.1 <streamhost/>
  The "host" attribute specifies the host to connect to. This
  attribute MUST be present. The value MUST be either a resolvable
  domain name or the "dotted decimal" IP address (e.g. "").

Unfortunately there is nothing about "coloned hexadecimal"
notation here. I'd say the description, not only examples,
implies IPv4.

BTW. SOCKS5 is IPv6 ready but it is irrelevant here as ATYP
is never anything else than 3.

JEP-0177 (and after careful reading JEP-0176 too)
  9 XML Schemas
   <xs:simpleType name='IPaddress'>
    <xs:restriction base='xs:string'>

And here anything else thant IPv4 is strictly prohibited :-(

IMHO JEP-0065 is at best unclear about IPv6 and Jingle
transport JEPs rigorously define ip attribute format suitable
only for IPv4 addresses :-(

Best regards
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