[Standards-JIG] message types

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com
Fri Jun 30 17:49:29 UTC 2006

On mar, 2006-06-27 at 23:53 +0200, Tomasz Sterna wrote: 
> Headline message with just subject and body is at least restricted. It
> should be more like an ATOM item. But then, is there a reason of
> flagging it headline when you can see that's an ATOM item there
> already? And again - without JEP-0013 support it's not much usefull.

This is a common, but completely incorrect misunderstanding.

The "headline" type doesn't change anything about what can go into the
message. It could be a traditional email, or a ATOM feed, or rss, or
pubsub data.

The *only* thing headline indicates is that replies do not make sense in
the context of the message. That is to say, the message is a standalone
transmission, and should not be considered part of a 2-way exchange or

In this context, "broadcast" might be a more meaningful description than

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