[Standards-JIG] The Ack Hack.

Pavel Šimerda pavel.simerda.lists at centrum.cz
Wed May 10 16:36:04 UTC 2006

On 2006-05-10 10:16, Richard Dobson wrote:
> >> reconnection support is not really needed in jabber/xmpp, what we
> >> really need is a roster list retrieval protocol that allows you to
> >> retreive just the changes since you last retrieved it, rather than
> >> the whole roster everytime you connect.
> >
> > I thought we were talking about reliable message delivery.
> Sure but if you read Dave's proposals he seems intent on including a
> "quick reconnection" mechanism along with the reliable message delivery,
> I was just commenting on how this is not really needed.
> Richard

No, he wasn't. He was introducing a way to know which messages actually 
arrived to the server and were not acked (after reconnect). This seems 
unrelated to the acking mechanism to me.

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