[Standards-JIG] The Ack Hack.

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Sun May 14 01:25:53 UTC 2006

On Sunday 14 May 2006 05:08, Pavel Šimerda wrote:
> On 2006-05-13 17:05, Trejkaz wrote:
> > On 13/05/2006, at 22:09 PM, Michal vorner Vaner wrote:
> > > I did not say most of them does not, but you can not require the
> > > storage. Even if there existed only one client that did not have, it
> > > would not be nice of you to expect it looks usual.
> >
> > Actually, it wouldn't be that bad.  It just means that this 1 in 20
> > phone clients wouldn't get reliable delivery.  If they wanted it,
> > they could upgrade their phone.  Simple.
> None of them will get reliable delivery... there are many cases when last
> id storage fails. Like switching clients or even computers/devices.
> It's good to eliminate duplicate messages, nothing more.....

Look, I know that this won't give reliable delivery all by itself.  That would 
clearly be ludicrous.

What I said was, if 1 in 20 phone clients can't implement something intrinsic 
to whatever protocol we come up with, then that 1 client just won't get 
reliable delivery.  And that's fine, right?  The user can upgrade their 

I don't think designing around the concept of having no storage device is a 
very smart move these days, when people can walk into a shop and buy a 1GB 
memory card for a phone, and there are other phones on the market with *hard 

Even TV set-top boxes have internal storage.


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