[Standards-JIG] Re: The Ack Hack.

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Sun May 14 21:06:48 UTC 2006

On Sat May 13 13:15:14 2006, Michal vorner Vaner wrote:
> way, you shuold consider the whole stream as invalid. TCP was not
> designed to keep long-term connection, but to transfer data and
> terminate.
No, TCP was designed to do long term connections, survive 
disconnection of lower layers, etc. Bear in mind one of the first 
applications was TELNET, and next up FTP, both of which, I think, 
were actually key protocols that TCP had to provide better support 
for than NCP - note that although FTP exhibits the precise behaviour 
you describe in its data connections, and early HTTP also behaved 
like that (and got an IESG note partly because of this), it's 
entirely the opposite behaviour with pretty well everything else, 
including FTP control connections, etc.

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