[Standards-JIG] The Ack Hack.

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Sun May 14 21:11:17 UTC 2006

On Sun May 14 08:47:08 2006, Michal vorner Vaner wrote:
> I said it would be nice if it worked at last somehow without the
> storage, that it shouldn't be marked as MUST. That's all.

It works just fine without persistent storage, in fact, it doesn't 
need persistent storage at all. It merely needs storage to persist 
data between TCP connections. A client lacking that is either:

a) Lacking enough memory to store the unacknowledged stanzas, in 
which case it needs to solicit an acknowledgement near to exhausting 
the space.

b) Lacking any form of (volatile or non-volatile) RAM entirely, in 
which case it's not a Turing-complete device, making it a little bit 
tricky to program an XMPP client for.

I assume that typical clients would store the unacked stanza list on 
"disk" (or what passes for it) purely to get it out of RAM, that's 
all. The last received sequence number from the remote end is, I 
think, not worth putting on disk at all.

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