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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon May 15 18:19:34 UTC 2006

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Gary Burd wrote:
> On 5/11/06, JEP Editor <editor at jabber.org> wrote:
>> Title: Invisible Command
>> Abstract: This document specifies an XMPP-compatible protocol for user
>> invisibility.
> The proposed JEP creates the invisible state by modifying the
> available state. I think the invisible protocol will be easier to
> understand and implement if the invisible state is created by
> modifying the unavailable state.

My sense is that people think invisibility is 90% available, not 90%

> Here's how this would work:
> - The client sends an IQ to enable presence notifications
> and roster pushes in the unavailable state.
> - If the resource is unavailable when the IQ is received,
> then the server probes the user's contacts on behalf
> of the resource.
> - There is an IQ to disable this mode.
> - There are no changes to the available state with this proposal.

How would the server handle inbound messages, presence, and IQs under
this mechanism? Since this is an overlay on unavailable, I assume that
nothing would get delivered to the client.


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