[Standards-JIG] Multicast JEPs in the making

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Wed May 17 07:23:52 UTC 2006

hello friends of openly federated messaging, i salute you.

excuse the surprise, but from our ietf experience we have learned
that implementing ideas and writing spec drafts for them brings
things forward quicker than publicly discussing unfinished ideas.
so we have implemented a plan for smarter distribution of
one-to-many message types between servers and are now in the
process of writing the appropriate JEPs to them.

we have opted for a step-by-step plan which is minimally invasive
to the existing XMPP protocol syntax and allows developers to enjoy
little improvements with each step, without having to implement
the complete thing in one shot.

'Smart Presence' as a protocol extension is actually a protocol
reduction which integrates totally naturally into the existing XMPP
syntax: we simply leave the to= field out on interserver messages
and maintain a few data structures on the receiver's side so
it knows where to forward things to. the same principle applies
to MUC. this already reduces interserver traffic a lot.

in a further JEP we will specify how to make listening servers
chain into each other to form a multicast tree. this will also
be a simple extension on top of the "smart" distribution JEPs.

so expect 3 easy to digest JEPs that will not bring any new
features for end-users really, but will help jabber become much
more scalable than it is today.

concerning pubsub we have realized that the current pubsub model
is so extremily feature rich, that a switch to a multicast
distribution scheme is not an easy task. you can either reduce
the features of pubsub dramatically in favor of quickly deploying
a scalable pubsub system, or we can sit down and do a very long
and intense redefinition of the pubsub interserver protocol.
we have already written down notes on what would need to be done,
if you're interested, but it is too much to quickly come up with
a JEP.

the JEPs do not address negotiation yet, as we first wanted to
have your feedback, and we want to leave it to you to decide
which type of negotiation is adequate. is it a protocol feature,
or is it a new version of XMPP?

we are looking forward to discussion with you, JEPs are made to
be edited further. it is up to you to take our experience in
multicast chat as a starting point for jabber's needs, or to come
up with something completely different.

kind regards from berlin,

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