[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed May 17 18:21:48 UTC 2006

> You would have to tell us. In fact, I don't think it necessary. A careful
> re-reading of JEP-0033 would help you understand that a multicaster is only
> there to relay whatever has been inserted in the enhanced addressing
> extension. I do not see any provision to actually create the addressing list
> in the first place.

Sorry maybe I didnt make it clear, I pointed out JEP-0033 as an example 
of a multicasting mechanism to start from that would actually work 
without breaking anything, as JEP-0033 requires that you send the 
address list in each stanza to the multicast component each time that 
would use lots of bandwidth and not save you much. What I suggest that 
we do is extend JEP-0033 with a mechanism for pre-negotiating an address 
list with the multicasting component that can be re-used without needing 
to send that address list inside each stanza that you want to relay, 
thus saving lots of bytes, but without breaking privacy lists.

So what you would do is establish a special distribution list using a to 
be determined protocol which is represented by its own JID, and any 
stanza's you send to that JID (the distribution list) will get relayed 
to the list of addresses you told it should be in that distribution 
list, i.e. so that:

<presence from='romeo at montague/inlove' to='s4134edd at multicast.capulet'/>


<presence from='romeo at montague/inlove' to='juliet at capulet'/>
<presence from='romeo at montague/inlove' to='nurse at capulet'/>
<presence from='romeo at montague/inlove' to='peter at capulet'/>
<presence from='romeo at montague/inlove' to='sampson at capulet'/>
<presence from='romeo at montague/inlove' to='gregory at capulet'/>

This all works without breaking privacy lists and without requiring the 
rosters to be in sync.


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