[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Wed May 17 21:05:34 UTC 2006

Michal vorner Vaner typeth:
| to spent a long time debuging, the OK. But it could be without breaking
| the whole XMPP-CORE and XMPP-IM and without the relaying on the other's

so if you think XMPP _HAS_ to have a to= field, not because it serves
a purpose, but only because there once was a document that said that
it has to have one, then sure we can have a to='servername' in there.
i'd rather update the XMPP spec, but please we can do it your way.

back to the jep-0033 approach:

| These list could be only run-time, so no problems with database, they
| would not break anything and they could be built as needed, according to
| any rules, privacy or others.
| And, anyway, there would not be much to synchronize, if the list
| changed, a new one would be created, with new one, deleting the old one, 
| which would mean less problems.

ok, let's look at the broader picture. we are talking about a distribution
syntax for several purposes. presence doesn't change often, but MUC and
pubsub do. what will you do when someone needs to be added or removed to
the list, will you make an even more complicated protocol? or will you
resend the complete data structure again? i can imagine for pubsub that
would be quite an issue to handle.

consider the alternative of our JEP where this data is already available
and simply needs a little extra care than when kept locally.

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