[Standards-JIG] Jabber external components: going out of style

Pedro Melo melo at co.sapo.pt
Thu May 18 00:59:51 UTC 2006


On May 18, 2006, at 1:18 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:

> Pedro Melo <melo at co.sapo.pt> Wrote:
>> Recent JEPs are getting more and more
>> integrated or tightly coupled with the server.
> As a server implementer, I would tend to agree with you.
> I've implemented a lot of JEPs in our server, and by far most of them
> were easier to implement directly into the server.
> Some of the JEPs have been implemented as external components (MUC,
> PubSub, Administration, and a few others), but by far the majority are
> internal.

I would bet that implementing the latest pubsub spec as an external  
component is no longer possible. I would hope to be wrong, though.

The roster access model in the latest revisions comes to mind as a  
problem :).

> I'm not privy to the implementation of other servers (in fact, I've  
> gone
> out of my way to not look at the source code for other servers, as  
> there
> are IP issues involved if I do), but adding the ability to handle a  
> new
> stanza in the SoapBox Server is.... trivial. Adding in a new moving  
> part
> is a bit more difficult, but not a whole lot. It just usually  
> easier to
> solve problems inside the server.

Of course, you are right.

It just that I liked the old way of building external components that  
could be used on several servers :).

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