[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Smart Presence Distribution

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Thu May 18 11:22:25 UTC 2006

Matthias Wimmer typeth:
| Hi Carlo!

Hallo Matthias!  :)

| In Gabber this has been used to be able to backup and restore your 
| roster. With JRU this is used to manage your roster if you move servers, 
| or you change transports.

Now THESE are good reasons why I can't work with the roster.
Thanks for this constructive information, even if it is a
blow to the way we wanted to do smart presence. Alright, what
do we do now.

It is still a lot less traffic if in those cases where a roster
is "repaired", the server would re-request presence to ensure
the information is valid.

A lot less than retransmitting the list of recipients over the
wire approximately each day using a new 33-like protocol.

Do we need a new type of presence subscribe request for this
special case, or can we just re-issue the presence subscribe?

I had the impression Google Talk is already sending us periodic
presence subscribe or subscribed packets, even if the subscription
is already established.

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