[Standards-JIG] Public Federated Jabber Network

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Thu May 18 20:40:30 UTC 2006

Jabber is a term that is completly owned legally by Jabber, Inc. Continuing to leverage and use of this term is harmfull to the entire ecosystem of XMPP providers and develpers save one. To the best of my knowledge they have failed to turn over the related IP to the community, and as such that word should not (must not) be used.
PFJN is not similar to PSTN. It's much closer to saying:
1 - PSATT (Public Switched AT&T)
2 - FCN (Federated Cisco Network)
3 - Open WiLinksys Network
4 - POG (Points of Google)
5 - DOC (Dell Operation Center)
Obviously the above would be less than ideal, and giving the term Jabber a free ride is equally silly. 
Now, one could make a case that due to their lack of enforcement on the word 'Jabber' it has become a de-facto public domain term, but that delves into legal terratory that's probably best left unexplored. 
(Hey! Put that cease and desist letter away!)
Chris Mullins


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In a blog post I'll be making tomorrow <http://www.deepdarc.com/2006/05/19/full-time-jabber/> , I'll be coining the phrase "Public Federated Jabber Network", or PFJN, to refer to the network of federated jabber servers on the internet. Currently, it seems that people call it either "Jabber" or the "Jabber Network", but both of these are misleading. It is my hope that this phrase catches on. 

I chose this phrase because:
1) It is descriptive and accurate.
2) It follows the same feel of the "Public Switched Telephone Network", or PSTN.

Any thoughts?

Robert Quattlebaum
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