[Standards-JIG] Re: Public Federated Jabber Network

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Sat May 20 12:24:32 UTC 2006

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Finally, a personal note. It is no secret that I am paid by Jabber Inc.
> They pay me as a "sponsored employee" to work on standardization of XMPP
> and XMPP extensions (i.e., I don't do anything directly for the company
> itself). In my opinion Jabber Inc. has devoted significant resources to
> the activities of the JSF over the years -- from driving the formation
> of the JSF in 2001 to my full-time efforts for the last 4 years to the
> part-time efforts of people like Matt Miller, Joe Hildebrand, and Peter
> Millard. They didn't have to do any of that, but they did -- and they
> did it, I think, in a spirit of trying to move these technologies
> forward in a completely open fashion (no matter what name you use) with
> fully open standards instead of proprietary extensions and add-ons that
> would have destroyed interoperability. Furthermore, I personally have
> always striven to act as a neutral third party in all of my work at the
> JSF. Whether I have been successful at that is a matter of public record
> in literally thousands of mailing lists posts, JEP and registrar and
> Internet-Draft CVS checkins, and chatroom logs. If you wish to entertain
> baseless conspiracy theories about Jabber Inc. holding the strings and
> manipulating the JSF behind the scenes, you have that right. But I think
> the public record of the JSF speaks for itself.

well said Peter,

Peter is doing an excellent job here for the JSF and XMPP. And he 
couldn't do that great job without Jabber Inc. paying him for that job. 
We wouldn't be where we are today without Peter and JINC. And there are 
great days in front of us with the new Jingle JEPs. Who could imagine 
that XMPP will roll into the VOIP market and compete with SIP some month 


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