[Standards-JIG] Allowed tricks with namespaces

Michal vorner Vaner michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Sun May 21 14:34:36 UTC 2006

I'm not entirely sure how much is allowed in the XML stream.

Of course, it is allowed to have something with a namespace, like

<message><something xmlns='something'/></message>

But, is it allowed to move the namespace to some higher levels and use
prefixes (if I understand them right):

<message sm:xmlns='something'><sm:something/></message>

And, does this have any limitations?

And, if it is possible, what is server supposed to do, when some clients
defines such a prefix in the stream element and the message should be
routed to other client, which does not have such prefix defined? It
should probably rewrite somehow to message, otherwise the other client
would not have the namespace. Should it move the prefix definition into
the stanza or strip the prefixes and include the namespace inline?

Thank you
(I hope I'm not entirely out, I could misunderstood something


There are two types of optimizations. The ones which make the program 
slower and the ones which make the user red by missing features.

Michal "vorner" Vaner
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