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Nick Vidal nickvidal at gmail.com
Wed May 24 12:13:03 UTC 2006

Hi Heiner,

Check out the Personal Eventing Protocol:


This is the "pubsub light version"! ;)

Best regards,

On 5/24/06, Heiner Wolf <wolf at bluehands.de> wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
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> > One week gone and no feedback so far. You have 17 more days. :-)
> OK, here is a serious one:
> I know I am about to get in hot water, but I think the JEP is too fat.
> It printed 100 pages with small fonts.
> I understand, that most of the complexity will be implemented by
> servers, but I doubt, that the client part is simple (remember: jabber
> clients should be simple?).
> I am also a fan of simple specs for the server part. Servers usually
> tend to have lots of code, but this is because they have to cope with
> the real world and evil clients. Not, because they implement complex
> services.
> This is not the time to go into details. I am saying that a pubsub
> specification on top of an XML based protocol could be simpler, smaller,
> easier. It should be.
> I know JEP-0060 went a long way and there are already big investments in
> documentation, code and know how. Despite all this, I propose to make a
> new document and extract only the essentials.
> It might be possible to separate the document into a pubsub core and
> extensions. The core should have a simple pub/sub mechanism. Collection
> Nodes, should be a separate JEP. I am sorry for the blog/news-oriented
> people, but I'd scrap items for pubsub-core and store data in nodes
> only. Items could be an extension with the node returning the
> first/default item. Maybe implementation notes could be split off. They
> are important, but they make the spec heavy and people judge specs by
> the page count. Remember SIP and SIMPLE? And yes, I know that 1/2 of the
> spec is XML, examples and schema. I think it is still too much for a
> pubsub-core document.
> I don't think, that it is a good way to finish now "what we already
> have" and then add simplifications as separate JEPs. It would be better
> to restart simple and then draw the code for extensions from JEP-0060.
> (Now I duck and wait for the flames)
> hw
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