[Standards-JIG] JEP-0060 Publisher Model - nodehirarchypermissions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue May 30 20:10:28 UTC 2006

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bernhard wrote:
> Hi
> I don't understand the answers I get to my questions.
> I try it with yes/no questions:
> A pubsub node can have "child nodes" and "child items"  yes/no

A collection node can have child nodes (which may be collection nodes or
leaf nodes). A leaf node can have items only.

> A pubsub collection can have "child nodes" but no "child items"  yes/no


> The pubsub hierarchy is a graph that is specified in jep-0060 version >=
> 1.7 yes/no

See Ralph's earlier message about graphs.

> The node hierarchy ejabberd has, is not a bug.  yes/no

It sure seems that way.

> The way ejabber build this hierachy - based on Attribute values of
> Attributes with  the name "node" - is a bug    yes/no

It sure seems that way.

> It is not specified in jep-0060 how to configure a node to be a child
> node of an other node.   yes/no

It is specified. Either:

1. Create the node and associate it with a collection


2. Modify the node configuration to specify that it is associated with
one or more collection nodes.

> The Attribute node is an id that must be unique at a pubsub server.  yes/no


> Server name together with node "id" is worldwide unique.


> with the ejabberd implementation it is for example only possible for the
> user
> pope at vatican.com
> to generate a node with the "id" /home/vatican.com/pope/....something....
> This is an id range for a user.

I have no idea how ejabberd has implemented this. Someone from the
ejabberd team can clarify this for you.

> Is there an id "range" that is reserved for a user specified in
> jep-0060? yes/no


> A thing like vCard could be stored in a pubsub node - but only if a user
> has an reserved id range yes/no

A vCard can be stored without a reserved NodeID range -- why would that
be necessary?

> That's it for the moment. Maybe my imagination what pubsub is, is totaly
> wrong.

Maybe. :-)

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