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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue May 30 22:54:51 UTC 2006

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bernhard wrote:
> Hi
>>> The node hierarchy ejabberd has, is not a bug.  yes/no
>> It sure seems that way.
> ejabberd has no collection nodes but "normal nodes" that are not "leaf
> nodes" and not "collection nodes".
> This nodes have "normal nodes" and "items" as child nodes.

This sounds odd.

> A "normal node" does not exist - if I understand your answer.
> In my question - because I thought that it is NOT a bug - I asked "NOT a
> bug"

I would say it is a bug.

> If it is a bug, this makes no sense for me.
> Why have collection nodes and leaf nodes?
> Why not unify that?

Because that's the way we designed it. Many systems don't need
collection nodes (which you can think of as directories). They can
simply use a flat structure. Collections provide hierarchical structure
on top of the minimal pubsub use cases.

> In a filesystem there are directories and files.
> In pubsub we have "directories", "files" and "items".
> "directories" are spezial files - in XML world we don't need that.
> Think about mapping XML - PubSub subTree.
> Or navigation through a pubsub graph.
> Do we really need a leaf node the is called "index.pubsub" (like
> index.html) ?

We have a root collection node, which I think is what you want.

> A "node" is not extensible if it is not possible to make a child node of
> this node.
> A "leaf node" is the "item" I thought.

There are two kinds of nodes:

1. Leaf nodes. Items are published to these and they generate
notifications. (An item is not a node!)

2. Collection nodes. We can associate leaf nodes with these, or other
collection nodes.


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